I was born in Columbus, Ohio and promptly moved to the Kansas City, Missouri area at the age of two. However, most of my life was spent in Overland Park, Kansas, which is a large suburb on the border between the two states. My high school years were consumed by marching band and speech/debate, both of which strongly shaped my personality and passions.

I attended New York University for my undergraduate career, where I double-majored in International Relations and Spanish/Linguistics. To call the transition “dramatic” would be an understatement. I easily learned as much outside of the classroom as I did in the classroom. I grew to love New York City and think about it often. (At least 15 seconds a day are spent pining for $5 chicken and rice from the halal food carts scattered around Manhattan.)

In what spare time I have, I spend far too much time on Netflix and Youtube and also occasionally tinker with LEGO bricks to reconnect with my younger self.